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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Orange Juice

Greetings, from the land of the Orang Utan.... LOL just kidding. You're probably wondering about the title so here goes. I recently bought a book, "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. In the book, there was an Orang Utan, named Orange Juice... so, it just came to my mind when I saw the picture of the Orang Utan above LOL. No deeper meaning to it XD

Anyway its been awhile since I've updated... (ermmm, awhile?) Many things have happened; made new friends, learned new things, attended classes, went on holidays and.... I'm in the 3rd week of my 2nd Academic Year in UMS. The new faculty is pretty cool. And it feels real good to finally have a place where you belong. Blah, nothing much to blog about... And aren't pictures supposed to say a thousand words?? So, some pictures =)

Tanjung Aru Beach, right before I flew back for the Raya break last year...

UMS School of Medicine 8th Batch

Dinner for ermmm.... CNY? LOL

Bald dude hugging Charlie

Went to Poring, Ranau

Hot spring?

Barbecue during Health Promotion at Kota Marudu

The team that brought meaning and life to the Health Promotion in Kampung Timbang Batu

Given IV drip during some unknown viral fever due to dehydration...


I'm Superman... LOL

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