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Friday, November 5, 2010

The end is near...

Well not the 'end' as in "the end" end.
What I actually meant is that the first semester of med school is coming to an end.

Before that, let me apologize - as always, for the lack of update, to anyone still reading this(if there is LOL)

The official reason is; I'm too busy with med school life.
The actual reason; pure laziness paired with procrastination.

Looking back at my life since I started college, I'd say that I've learned many things(apart from the knowledge gained through lectures).

No longer do I have someone else to do my laundry.
The question I ask myself everyday; "What to eat for dinner??"
I started worrying about fuel consumption.
Have to buy my own groceries.
Wake up in time for lecture every morning.
Learnt how to tolerate people.
Learnt 'team' spirit?
Realized that the world isn't as simple as I once thought.

And the list goes on.

Still, I thank God, for this opportunity to learn. And for just being here; in a public university where the fees are subsidized.

The final exams for this semester starts on Monday. I really pray that God grant me the much needed strength and wisdom.