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Friday, July 2, 2010


Its been a while since I last updated, I know. While I've been away from the blog, here's what happened;

Yup, I've been offered a place in UMS's Medical Faculty.
I'm leaving for Sabah today =( at 4 p.m. (This'd probably be my last post from Melaka)
I wish I could say I'd write another post with lots and LOTS of pictures once I reach there but I know myself, I wouldn't LOL.

On another note, I passed my driving test, I'm officially a driver under probation Suet Yoong, you're probably the ONLY 19 year old without a driving license in Melaka LOL.

Blah blah blah, went to Fraser's Hill a few weeks back, church camp =D

Congregation of Covenant Baptist Church of Melaka

Gosh, just thinking about it makes me miss the weather there. Hot HOT Melaka =/
Right, back the the church, we're moving into a shoplot somewhere in Pertam Jaya, there is more info on the church's website. If you happen to be looking for a church to join, check it out please =D.


I went to watch Toy Story 3. How long has it been since the last toy story?? It must be 10 years I think. Overall the movie was fun, the ending was a little sad though(No more Andy =( but hey, everything has to come to an end SOONER or later right?).

Not gonna spoil, but my favourite part of the show; the GIANT claw XD.

Well, thats about all I guess. Goodbye, for now.


  1. I have watched toy story 3 movie online and I really love it

  2. THANK YOU for announcing that to the whole world, haha... just wait, i'll have my license by the end of this year :D

    hope you're having a great time in Sabah!

  3. You're welcome =D. Yeah, I'm having fun haha