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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It started off as a seed.

A couple of days later;


Skip, skip, skip, 2 months later;

blooming flower.

And within 3 days;

the Sunflower and the camera-shy grasshopper.

Wow, time flies! Anyway, it was great fun growing sunflowers.
It is kinda satisfying to look at it and think "yeah, I've done it this time."

On the other hand, I do realize I haven't updated in months(I guess?). Well, sloth. So, to sum up my life for that period of time;

I've ate, sleep, ate, sleep, ate, sleep,ate, sleep... LOL, seriously what do you expect? I'm on holiday, still. Until end of June.

Apart from that, I've moved on from GIMP to Photoshop. FEAR ME! XD


Domo-kun. LOL

p/s: only reason I'm blogging is because I had a nosebleed at 2 a.m. disrupting my sleep and I had nothing better to do than to blog. Feel lucky, blog. I wouldn't have touched you for months if not for that.


  1. nice sunflower.. let's crush it together when i got back.. XD blog more... sloth.. i like ur mood..