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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunflower Love


Yup, I've started growing them again, for a second time. I bought both the Teddy Bear variety and the normal ones (Sunrich I think, not sure).

A lesson learnt from the previous attempt is that giving more isn't always the best. The seedlings died of Damping-off disease, a fungal disease caused by over-watering and poor drainage. To make things simple, I killed them because I watered too frequently.

Somehow this just reminds me of "Too Much Love Will Kill You" a line from a Queen's song with the same phrase as its title.

Too much love kills.
Not only flowers but animals, humans and everything.

I remember how I used to indulge my dog with salty food meant for human. Guess what happened to her?

You got it, her fur dropped. You thought you care by giving everything. The truth is, the excess love, care, items, food and feelings you shower them with will only do more harm than good. Overkill.

When a parent does it to a child, they spoil the child.
Do it to your pet, it gets sick.
To plants, you rob them of oxygen.
To humans, you invade their personal space.

So, the next time you care for something, be it a flower, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a guy or a girl, always remember that you probably shouldn't put too much feelings into it. Do it in moderation. Excess love and care is suffocating, as much as undrained water is to a plant. Or at least that is what I learnt.

That being said, I hope that my sunflowers don't die this time.

Oh, and I think I'll do a time-lapse video once the seedlings sprout.

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  1. Bryan,
    That's a great point about spoiling someone with too much love...that's probably true about any virtue. It's definitely something to think about...this might make it into a sermon someday, lol...good post.