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Monday, March 15, 2010


I had a bad day. Yup, bad day. The driving instructor just had to call me at 7.40 a.m. and deprive me of my additional 20 minutes rest. And on top of that, he was late. =.=

Well, putting that aside, I planted the seedlings(sunflower of course XD) into separate pots, 9 of them . Will post some pictures tomorrow. And there are 10 more seeds germinating as I type this XD.

Someone mentioned that growing "lots and lots of Sunflowers" was kinda weird..... errr I guess it is lah..... for a guy... (or are there any other guys out there sharing the same fascination for Sunflowers? Speak up XD)

And back to the "bad day" issue, I was supposed to watch Alice in Wonderland this evening with my siblings. Yes, was... we were late and our reservation "expired" XD. Hence we drove all the way down just to drive back home. I guess this kitty will have to wait Y.Y


p/s: I need a job..... holiday killsssssssss. Also, I love the weather nowadays. Rain FTW =D

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