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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lantern Festival

Arghhh! It is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year tomorrow, otherwise known as the Chap Goh Mei. And sorry, no updates on my Chinese New Year. I had a bad one =(

Anyway, no elaboration on that XD.

Moving on, the STPM results was announced two days ago. And this is what I got;

Chemistry!!!! NO!!!! WHY????? Sigh. In case you can't see the picture I've got an A- for my Chemistry. In simple words, I screwed my chance of getting a 4.0 when I "decided not to do so well" for my Chemistry paper due to some distractions =.=
Not gonna elaborate on that too.

Well, I guess I'll have to live with a 3.92.
Oh by the way. Congratulations Anila, for scoring a 4.0. You are teh most awesome Indian girl that I know =D. (No, I'm not racist, so don't start accusing me for being). And also to those people that did well for the STPM 2009 as well, congrats.

If you didn't get a perfect score or what you expected, my advice to you is to stop moping around and emo over what you don't have and instead be happy to know that you could have gotten worse results. No intention of offending anyone here, i'm just saying. (I'm telling myself the same thing T.T)

Anyway, I guess this is where we part ways, my friends(you know who you are). Brave new world ahead XD. And good luck, in your endeavours, whatever it may be.

And..... will try to update more often......... try.....
I am lazy X)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The year of the Tiger starts tomorrow.

Happy CNY 2010 people. Its the eve of CNY today. Have a wonderful reunion dinner with your family if you are celebrating. There will be updates. And there will be pictures. I hope.

November 17th 1991 !!!!

1991 FTW lol. Go join http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=99660612134 if you are on Facebook. 1991 babies of course =D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wincest XD

Finally, an update. RAWR!!!!!

Firstly, my sunflower died. I don't know why, but the seedlings(yup seedlings, all 6 of them) died overnight. I mean, one moment it was there basking in the sunlight and the next, it is all dried up and withered. Lifeless. My best guess is damping-off disease.

Two weeks of waiting for the seedlings to sprout + one week of growing sprout-lings. Gone.
Just like that. I guess that is what life is all about. Being a bitch.

Forgive my bitterness but really, life is a bitter pill to swallow.

Yesterday, Anila finally got me to read some slash. If you don't know what slash is weekeepeedeeah says;

Slash fiction is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters.[1][2] While the term was originally restricted to stories in which male media characters were involved in an explicit adult relationship as a primary plot element, it is now often used to refer to any fan story containing a pairing between same-sex characters, although many fans distinguish the female-focused variety as a separate genre commonly referred to as femslash. The characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes. The majority of slash fiction writers are believed to be heterosexual females.[3]

"Your Scent On My Finger" I mean, come on. just the title itself sounds wrong. Its a Supernatural fanfic by the way. Screw you Anila, you've spoiled my innocent mind with your slash-es XD. Okay just kidding, but slash just ain't my cup of tea =D.