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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teddy Bear

Alright Anila, I've updated. See? Stop complaining XD.

Anyway, I woke up at 9 today (Yay! Considering my 7-day-streak-of-waking-up-at-1pm minus Sunday of course, 'coz gotta go church XD)

It was not totally random, I set the alarm yesterday. See, I was supposed to go for this briefing about my new job at 11 a.m.So I had my bath, ate breakfast and then left home. And then while waiting for a traffic light near Jusco, Benjamin Goo messaged saying I wasn't called for the briefing because the 3 of us didn't get the job(bro, me and him). Totally WTF

lalalalaaaa, despite being oh!-my-world-is-grey sad (not really XD) we decided to go to school to collect our MUET results slip. Yay Band Five, again... with only a score of 221, on mark less than my previous result.Later on in the evening, there was a black-out. So, with the house all dark and hot and humid and blah and blah blah blah... my family decided to go out.

I bought this
Yup! Sunflower seeds. It is a different variety than the big yellow sunflower but it definitely is a
Helianthus Annuus. Anyway gewgle says;

The Teddy Bear sunflower, 'Helianthus annuus', is a dwarf sunflower plant with many 4 to 6 inch double yellow-gold flowers that look like huge mums. Teddy Bear sunflowers are annual that blooms mid-summer to fall. It will grow in almost any soil and is drought tolerant but, for larger and profuse flowering, good moisture is required.

The Teddy Bear sunflower should be planted after the average last frost date. A second planting 2 weeks after the initial planting and a third planting 2 weeks later will produce attractive foliage and flowers until the first fall frost. It makes an excellent cut flower and is also good when used as a short border. Place this plant in full sun for best results.

It's supposed to be really small and fluffy, not the usual big ones. Oh well, I'll be planting one in my bedroom by the window tomorrow and a couple of seeds outdoors and we'll see how it looks like in a few weeks.

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  1. Yay! I was just going to spam your fb wall. Again.