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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye 2009, Hello 2010

Well, I never wanted to have a post on the first day of this new year. But oh well, I manage to overcome my laziness. So, here goes.

2009 for me was a continuation of 2008. This is partly due to my Form 6 life which didn't allow me to experience both years as distinct years. I still remember last December 2008. We were so busy catching insects, attending tuition classes, not to forget Mr. Khoo's extra classes. It was truly hectic and at the same time, fun. Come January, February, April, May, etc. etc., things started getting busier. Tests, Exams, Trial Exams and finally STPM itself.

Looking back at the year in detail, it definitely made me grow in many different ways. Along the way, I've lost friends. It is sad, but nothing can be done about it no? And at the same time I've gained new friends as well. These people are one of the few reasons I've enjoyed 2009.

Thank you Anila. Thank you for replying my smses no matter how silly it sounded. Thanks for being there to stop me from being stupid, and thanks for the great pasta XD. You've truly been a great friend.

Thank you Beng Choon. Its been really fun knowing you, your unorthodox way of thinking, our maths squabble in class, etc. etc.

Thank you Wen Jean. I'm glad I met you. You made Form Six really fun for me. Thanks for replying my "emo messages". Thanks for the countless time I rode in your car for free. Thanks for being just who you are. Thanks for being able to stand my default-ness. Thanks for everything.

I think I've mentioned everyone. OK lets move on.....

Haha, just kidding. Of course I won't forget about you Silky. Thanks for listening to my crap. Thanks for being my partner in class. Thanks for everything.

Okay, now to move on. In 2009;

I got slapped.
I went on stage and embarrassed myself =.=
I finished my STPM
I got a new computer
I got a sore thumb from text messaging
I started learning to drive (still learning)
I smashed my first license plate (while driving illegally)

I hope 2010 will be more productive and fruitful than 2009 XD

And people, enjoy it, we have onnly 2 more years to live. The world is coming to an end soon, 2012. Geomagnetic reversals. Oh noes.

Just kidding. Have, a blessed 2010 people.

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