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Saturday, August 1, 2009

School err... holiday?

Its been awhile since the last update. Anyway, MHS is closed for a week with all students and staffs placed under home quarantine due to suspicions that over 50 of the hostel boys have been infected with the Influenza A(H1N1) virus. That happened yesterday.

Due to the lack of photos, I'll try my very best to describe what happened.

Sometime during recess, I started hearing rumor about some of the hostel boys being suspected of having the virus. One of my junior, Lai, was relating to me about how freaked out he was when one of his classmate came down with a high fever. Then I realized, it was not just him that was scared. Looking everywhere, I noticed some of the girls looking really scared, some guys with mask on their faces already.

On my way back to class, Eugene came running and was like "School is closed for one week, tell everyone". I thought he was just pulling my leg so I didn't really paid much attention to him.

And so, class went on as usual. Anyway, halfway through Mr. Khoo's lesson, an announcement came, asking for a perhimpunan gempar. It was so sudden. Everyone wasn't sure what to do. From then on, it was chaos.

Students were asked to gather in the hall. This of course caused many students to question the rationality of that move as the hall had been used to check for those suspected of having the virus not to mention the poor ventilation. Prefects shouting, reluctant students refusing to go in, people running out from the hall, etc. etc. Some described the action of having an emergency assembly in an enclosed hall as a ''mass-slaughter''. Personally, I find it a stupid move as well. They should've at least done it in an open space like the field.

While waiting for an official from the hospital to brief us about the virus, Mr. Chong, the senior assistant of administration urged the students not to spread false news as he had received several calls in the morning from concerned parents asking about news that several students and a teacher are down with the H1N1 flu. He said that this wasn't true, as they are only down with symptoms similar to the H1N1 flu. Bullshit. After that, the official came and bla bla bla, school closed.

Upon reaching home, I can't help but notice that everyone is happy about being placed under home quarantine. Its all over facebook. Well, I am too. I've been needing the break. No school, no tuition classes.

Anyway, its going to be a long and boring week.(I love school. Or to be more precise, the people there.) So, expect more updates...

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